Saturday, March 19, 2011


18.03.11 Me and my girlies were swimming.. Actually without me though.. I was supposed to be swimming with them but i woke up late and just catch up with them.. And forgot to bring the swim wear :p I know, stupid me.. Sorry girls haha.. Ok, so here are the pics.. E-N-J-O-Y !!
The curly haired girl white dress : Lisa ( her twitter : @lisamss )
The straight haired girl with pink t-shirt : Desya ( her twitter : @desyaaghnia )
The short haired girl with green shirt : Me!! haha

So, that's the end of it :) But for sure, i had a great day with my lovelies! Thanks girls for that day if you are reading this :* love ya'll

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get To Know Me ♥

Hey guys, i am new to blog.. Actually, i had few awful blogs at the past, and now im just making a new one that is actually good for once.. So, wanna get to know me? Please read this page then.. Don't like it? Don't bother to even read it.. Don't like me? why did you even come to my blog? Haters gonna hate..

Name : Elizabeth Kasai
Age : 13
Birthday : March 4th 1998
Hometown : Indonesia, Batam
Sex : Female
Interested In : Male
Relationship Status : In a relationship♥
Home : Indonesia, Cibubur, Raffless Hills
School : No School For The Moment
School (before no school) : JIMS, jakarta int'l multicultural school
Grade : Junior High School 1

Twitter :!/ElizabethLafian
Facebook :
Tumblr :
Msn & Yahoo Messenger : Just ask me on my facebook message or twitter dm ;)

About Me : People had lied, faked, and hurt me.. But i am not going to stand there and complain.. I have to live the life i have and be thankfull.. Life isn't always full of happiness and love, there is also evil and pain.. We have bad moments and heartbreaks.. What you are not understanding is that all those pain you felt are just helping us in the future with bigger heartbreaks and bigger problems to deal with.. Life isn't always fair..
Interests : Dancing, Modelling, Singing, Acting, Writing and Chatting

Fave Tv Series : Glee, 90210, How I Met You Mother, Gary Unmarried, Accidentally On Purpose, Castle, Get Married
Movies : Mean Girls 2 and It's Kind Of A Funny Story
Music : Vierra, Selena Gomez & The Scene, Justin Bieber, Avery and Jasmine V
Book : Are you there god? It's me, Margaret
Game : The Sims 3
School Subject : English, Drama, Science and History